Friday, January 27, 2017

Three Ways to Relieve Stress During Your Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Yoga is a proven and well-established way to help reduce emotional, spiritual and physical stress. When you practice yoga in Costa Rica, whether on a personal retreat, as a couples getaway, or as a group vacation with your friends and family, you are certain to enjoy many health benefits. In addition to the stress relief from the physical activity while on a yoga retreat in the country, these other three activities can help in restoring your body, mind, and spirit.


Yoga helps you to focus on your body and how each part of your body feels as you move into different positions. Meditation also helps you to focus, but without the movement or muscle group isolation. You can practice meditation before or after a yoga session as a way to clear unwanted or negative thoughts from your head. Meditation can also be practiced concurrently with yoga.

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