Friday, August 28, 2015

Here’s why Your Next Vacation Should Probably be a Nice Yoga Retreat

It’s not strange to find people who consider travel breaks as quick “cures” to rearrange their wits about them if stress throws their groove out of whack. For some, the idea of a perfect vacation involves waking up and going off the beaten path, learning something new, or at times even simply sit around and be lazy. Today’s world, however, doesn’t seem to cooperate all the time—even the travel process can add to the stress levels. If you’ve been experiencing the aforementioned situation more often than usual when you try to travel, maybe it’s time for something new. For that, a lot of people are touting the perks of a reinvigorating yoga retreat done in exotic faraway locations like Costa Rica.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Offers Work Exchange Program to Volunteers

Want a break from the everyday stress of city life, but also keep productive while learning something new or enriching a hobby? Whatever your interests may be, Panacea de la Montana is a wonderful place for you to unwind, and maybe, even spend some of your time and energy volunteering here in Costa Rica. Our yoga retreat center is currently looking for volunteers for the gardens, kitchen and those with internet marketing skills, and willing to commit at least one month of their time. Our work exchange program is also a way for you to enjoy the beauty of our tropical paradise at a more affordable cost.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stretching Out: The Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga’s been around for some time now. An ancient Indian tradition of meditative posing, it stretches the body and strains the muscles in a low-impact way, while requiring a lot of mental concentration. The fact that it combines both mental and physical exercise makes it a convenient fitness regime for many. For those who are on the fence about starting up yoga, here are some benefits you can get from practicing it: