Sunday, March 15, 2015

Escaping to Costa Rica: Your Yoga Spa Packing List

Once in a while, you will need a release from your busy life in the city and escape to a place where you can relax. Going on a yoga spa retreat in Costa Rica could just be what you need; but before you get on the plane, you need to pack your bags the right way. As you’re going on a retreat, you only need to pack what’s necessary. This list should help you speed up your packing so you can be on your way.

1.       Travel Yoga Mat
Any yogi must have a travel yoga mat that can easily fit inside your bag along with other things you packed. You might also throw in some towels in case things get a little hot.

2.       Comfortable Clothes
Your yoga clothes are different from what you normally wear. Yoga clothes must feel natural on you so that they don’t affect your movement during sessions. Pack based on the duration of your stay and the climate of the place of the retreat.

3.      Essential Toiletries
Bring your essential toiletries like soap, toothbrush, and deodorant in small, compact containers so they don’t take up all the space in your bag.

Packing light is one way to make sure that you enjoy your retreat. Brining only what you need could also help you focus more on yoga.

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