Monday, December 15, 2014

Yoga: The Perfect Stress Management Solution

Yoga might be all the rage at your local gym and/or fitness club, but there is more to the practice than just calisthenics. The origins of yoga can be traced all the way back to pre-Vedic India as a method of self-discipline and controlling one’s own body and mind. In simpler words, yoga has been used akin to meditation, and it can still be used as such in order to relax both your body and mind.

Many of the popular yoga techniques in use today encourage stretching, but they also involve controlled breathing and projecting mental imagery of energy flowing throughout the body. It may not sound scientific enough, but undergoing a yoga routine while in deep concentration can reduce cortisol levels, lower heart rates, reduce anxiety, and other purported effects. Indeed, many practitioners even claim that they feel much more relaxed after performing several poses daily.
Due to yoga’s strong association with relaxation, it is not a surprise to find classes being held in gyms, spas, and even in resorts. Many of these classes do not require any prior experience, allowing anyone to immediately join. The next time you are on a trip to get away from your job, consider joining a yoga class to unwind and release that pent up stress inside you.

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